RAMS Claims


RAMS Claims Information

RAMS Claims Access: RAMS Members who request to use the Claims for the extraction of minerals must, while at the claims, have a current year RAMS pass clearly displayed from the mirror of their vehicle. To be eligible for a claims pass, RAMS members must have previously participated in a club activity during the past year (See the list below), and have on file a current year signed membership form. RAMS Members must know the boundaries of the RAMS claims and only prospect for minerals on the RAMS claims.

RAMS membership does not guarantee a claims pass.  

To request a claims pass you must complete a claims pass form and send it to the address on the form along with a self addressed stamped envelope. Click the link below to open a claims pass form. You must have an active membership on this website to access the claims pass form otherwise the link will not be visible.

If you have NOT met the requirements you will NOT be sent a claims pass.

You cannot submit a membership form and apply for a pass at the same time. 


List of club activities

  • Be an Officer of the Club (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Attend meetings
  • Field Trip Chairperson
  • Librarian
  • Denver Council Trustee
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Program Chairperson
  • Give a program at the membership meeting
  • Lead a RAMS club field trip[
  • Participate in club claim maintenance
  • Make grab bags for the Denver Gem and Mineral Show
  • Provide RAMS mineral specimens, labeled and in proper specimen bags, for the Denver Gem & Mineral Show
  • Bring refreshments to the RAMS meetings Other club related activities that benefit all members


Rams Claims Etiquette

  • When finished digging an area, remove tools and reclaim the area.
  • When you are exploring for an area to dig, if the area is already occupied or tools are in the hole, do not dig within 20 feet from another’s exploration.
  • If no tools are left in the hole or no verbal indication was given that the digger wishes to return to the hole, you may dig in the hole if you wish
  • This is supposed to be friendly activity for all to enjoy. There is no mineral worth ruining friendships and the fun of exploration. There is also no mineral worth risking your life being buried in a hole. It’s just not worth it.